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Vachanamrut in english published by Shree Swaminarayan Temple, Kalupur, Ahmedabad

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1. Instinct of anger Gyan and its categories. Attributes of a perfect devotee
2. The aspects of devotion which overcome the danger of death
3. A devout devotee offers his all at the feet of the Lord
4. The Lord in the Akshardham appears in infinite forms where ever he desires
5. Ways to rule over Antahkaran.
6. Ekantik Bhakti
7. Indriyas, Antahkaran and Jivasatta.
8. A fully conscious devotee is always aware about his own drawbacks, and finds such in a saint, he judges him accordingly.
9. How would Dharm, Gyan, Vairagya and Bhakti generate in one?.
10. Impulses and the detachment from holy people only.
11. Scriptures should be read from holy people only.
12. The knowledge of God : Savikalpaak and Nirvikalpak.
13. Nirvikalpa devotee realises Narayan and remains therefore immune from the influence of Maya.
14. The principles of Ramanujacharya etc.
15. Interpretation of Samkhya, Yoga and Vedant.
16. Dedicated devotion and eradication of Vasna.
17. Devotee's protection against evil forces.
18. God always has a divine form.

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