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On the eleventh day of the second fortnight of the month of Kartika of Samvat 1877, Swami Shri Sahajanandji Maharaj was seated on a cot facing south in the Durbar of Shri Sura Khachar at Loya. He had worn trousers made of red velvet and had put on a jersey made of black velvet. It was embossed with the word Narnarayan. He had put on turban of deep blue color in Burhanpuri style with a border of rich gold fabric. A rich red silk garment was neatly tied about his waist. Saints and the devotees from the different regions were assembled before him. Muktanand Swami and other Muni's were singing devotional songs accompanied by musical instruments.

After finishing with the singing, Shriji Maharaj Addressed, "Oh Paramhamas ! Please hear me. I desire to ask you a question." The Paramhamsas said, "Oh Maharaj ! Please do so." Whereupon Shriji Maharaj asked them, "When would a devotee in this life feel totally redeemed and feel completely devoid of the danger of death ?" Muktanand Swami tried to answer the question but could not quite succeed Then the other Paramhamsas said, "Oh Maharaj ! You kindly answer this question."

Shriji Maharaj then said, "So long as you all were singing devotional songs, I was thinking about this, There are four types, of devotees who in their heart feel that they have transcended the danger of death and feel completely fulfilled. They are one who has indomitable faith in me, the other one has fully attained the ultimate knowledge, the third is the spiritually vigorous and the fourth one has devotion with exuberant love. These four types of devotees have no fear of death and they fee fulfilled with their human body.

The one with indomitable faith has: credulity to take the words of God and enlightened saints as full of truth with such conviction he feels himself out of the danger of death. He thus feels himself out of the danger of death. He thus feels fully fulfilled because of the divine contact with God.

One who has by knowledge realized the human form of God, believes himself to be Atma and with such Atomic Bhav offers dedicated devotion to God; such a one has transcended the danger of death.

One who is spiritually Vigorous would overcome the powers of his lndriyas and Antahkarans and never violate the rules of ethical conduct. He remains fully fulfilled, since his behavior is in complete accord with the code of ethical con- duct, which alone can win the pleasure of God.

The fourth-a dedicated devotee - offers devotion with indomitable fidelity. Just as a faithful woman is never attracted towards anybody excepting her hus- band. Similarly such a devotee offers unreservedly exuberant devotion to God. He, therefore, feels fully fulfilled aid has no danger of death.

One who has developed one of these tour aspects of devotion overcomes the danger of death; but one who has not developed any one of these four finds himself always in the jaws of death "

Then Shriji Maharaj told to the Paramhans, "Now tell me which out of these four is predominant amongst you all ?" All the Paramhans then related their innate nature of devotion, hearing which Shriji Maharaj was pleased with them. Then again Shriji Maharaj said, "Now those who are brave and have overcome the resistance of the inner enemies may come to me and touch my feet. Whereupon those with such characteristics came near Maharaj and took the imprints of the lotis feet of Maharaj on their chest.

Then Shriji Maharaj bade the Paramhams ask him some questions, where upon Brahmanand Swami said, "One which is the cause should be greater than the effect. Why then is the seed of the banyan tree is smaller than the tree." Replying to the question Shriji Maharaj said, "One which is the cause is always subtler than the effect, but has the potentiality to produce great results. That is the greatness of the cause. Primordial Prakriti is in the form of a woman and the evolution of the cosmos, of which Prakriti is the cause, is very much greater. Smell, the quin- tessence of the earth, is very subtle and imperceptible, but its effect, the earth, is greater in the dimensions. Again word, touch, charm, and taste which are the essence of space, wind ire and water are imperceptibly subtle but their effects are immeasurably great. Therefore, one, which is the cause is always subtler than the effect but possesses the great potentialities of producing greater results. The God of ire has a form like that of human being and resides with this form in his Loka, but his flames are wider and greater. Again, Varuna, the God of water, also has the form of a human being, but his effect which is water is seen in great abundance. The Sun sits in his chariot in the human form but the light which pervades the whole universe is immense.

Shri Krishna Purushottam Narayan - who is the Primordial cause appears before you in human form, but he is the cause of the creation of the infinite macrocosms. It is the conception of the foolish to judge from the greatness of the effect the same of its cause, which according to him should he great beyond any measurement. God - the Primordial cause of everything - every though he looks like a human being, yet possesses - potential power to create millions of macro- cosms from his divine form and again to merge them into him. Just as Fire, Water, Sure in their effect appear great and yet they merge their effects into them, and appear in their individual entities, similarly, millions of macrocosms, each sur- rounded by eight spheres, appear like atoms before the immeasurable greatness of a single particle of his body. Such is the inconceivable greatness of the cause. Therefore, the wise only can know that even though God now appears in the human form, yet he is the Primordial cause with infinite potential powers." So saying Shriji Maharaj returned to his chambers.

Thus Ends Vachanamrit : Loya - 2.

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