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A true devotee submits everything to God


On the thirteenth day of the second fortnight of the month of Kartik of Samvat 1877, Shriji Maharaj was seated at night on a cot in the Durbar of Shri Sura Khachar at Loya He was dressed in white garments. Saints and devotees from the various places were assembled before him.

Bhagwadanand Swami and Shivanand Swami then asked Shriji Maharaj. "How can the attributes of a devotee having the knowledge of God in all his glory, and also of that of his Brahmanised saint, be distinguished ?"

Then Shriji Maharaj replied, "One who has such knowledge of God and also of his enlightened saints feels that there is nothing insuperable that can not be attained or done for propitiating God and his saint. To fulfill the demands of such divine love, even if they entail breaking off the family ties, and usual family tra- ditions, renouncing the kingdom if one is a king, comforts, happiness and wealth, one is never deterred. If the devotee is a woman she would forsake her husband and if he be a husband, his wife." He then narrated the various stories of God - intoxicated devotees who lived by surrendering everything of theirs. Rajput Galuji of Dadusar, the queen Kushalkuvar of Dharampur, Parvatbhai, Rajbai, Jivubai, Ladubai, the senior Rambai, Dada Khachar Mancha Bhagat, Mulji Brahmchari, Ladhiba and Mataji from Bhaj, Muktanand Swami, Ahir Patel Samat from Valank, m- Mulji and Krishnaji from Mankuva, Kathi brothers of Gundali in Valank area and various overcome the hindrances in their way of attaining God.

Again, such a devotee would never relax the rules prescribed by God. He would implicitly obey them. "He then narrated how he adopted a new way of living when he came to Loj to meet Ramanand Swami who sent message through Mayaram Bhatt from Bhuj." If you have strong desire to join this Satsang it would be obligatory upon you, even to live by embracing a wooden Pillar." And I implicitly obeyed, but then Mayaram Bhatt said that I should stay under Muktanand Swami. As I had great love for Ramanand Swami, I stayed under Muktanand Swami for nine months."

Then again he narrated the stories of Sunderji Suthar of Bhuj, Dossabhai of Bania and of Rana Rajgar who were all intoxicated with intense love for God. Again, Prahlad, whose singular devotion made God manifest before him in the form of a Leo-man, prayed to this lion God," I am not terrified by your formidable form. Again you have saved me from the monstrous cruelties inflicted by my father upon me. However, I believe that this physical protection given by you to me is of no significance since a devotee needs real protection against the danger of the provocative nature of his sense-organs;" A true devotee does not desire bodily protection and does not feel buoyant even when so protected or does not get dejected even if such protection is i not offered. His God intoxicated mind has nothing to offer but worship. An old lady - a devotee - in village Kathalal had such intoxication. Such a devotee even if he dies after a prolonged illness or is killed by a tiger, or is bitten by a snake or is injured by a weapon or is drawned, even then he would not be consigned to the infernal regions due to such imnatinal death, but would reach the abode of God.

As against this, the one who defies God and even if he dies a natural death in full consciousness, and his funeral pyre: is prepared of sandal wood, and full obituary rites are offered t o him, even then he would be damned to the infernal region. One who extols Bhakti has such a realization. He would ultimately reach Brahma mahol.

Thus Ends Vachanamrit : Loya - 3.

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