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Is there fall from Akshardham ?


The Characteristics of Maya. Gross and subtle body. Result of the identification with the Gross body.

On the third day of the first fortnight of the month of Bhadrapada of Samvat 1877, Shri Sahajanandji Maharaj was seated on a cot in the verandah near the hall in the Durbar of Shri Jiva Khachar at Sarangpur. He had covered his person with a white cotton showl and about his neck a folded side cloth with black side" ends. His ears were adorned with the curls of yellow flowers. Nosegays of yellow flowers were hanging from his white turban. He was garlanded with large garlands of yellow flowers hung up to his navel. He was seated facing west. Saints and the devotees from the vaious regions were assembled before him.

Then, at that time, Swayamprakashanand Swami asked/ "Lord Shri Krisna has said in the Geeta that a devotee who has been transmigrated to; the Vaikunth Lok - the divine abode of-God - does not incarnate here on earth and therefore never fall. Then due to what faults does one fall from that divine realm?" Then in reply, Shriji Maharaj asked, "Please let me know, who has fallen from this divine realm?" Whereupon Swayamprakashanand Swami said, "Jay and; Vijay. the personal attendants of God had to revert here from Vaikunthloka. Radhikaji and Shridama fell from Goloka." Then Shriji Maharaj said, "God desired that Jay and Vijay should be derogated from their position as they belittled the Sanaks, who were dearest to God. It was God's wish as he desired that the spiritual greatness of the Sanaks should be realised. Even his personal attendants. were displeced when they slighted the Sanaks. However, since they reverted back Vaikunth" Loka in their third birth, they can not be said to have fallen. It was God's wish. He is said to have fallen who has for ever lost rapport with God. Radhikaji also descended on the earth but that too was wished by God, as God had desired to incarnate himself on earth. If, therefore, Radhikaji is have fallen, Lord Krishna also may be said to have fallen with Radhikaji. Such phenomenon of appearing on the earth js a divine will, according to which, even from the highest abode Akshardham - the released souls may appear on earth.

"God, who is all-powerful, is not governed by any rulers excepting his own will, by which he would convert non-sentient into sentient and sentient into non- seintient. Without his, no released soul can ever appear on the earth. However, only those who are immature are likely to be defeated from this path. They are said to be deficient their Yoga. Proficiency in Vairagya, Atmanishtha, Bhaktil and complete observance of celibacy, would culminate in a fully accomplished state of Brahm, from which no reversion is ever possible. They attain the catagory of the released souls of Shwetdweep." Discussing the topic this much, Shriji Maharaj said further "Now I desire to ask you a question." The Munis with the gledness said, "Please do so." Shriji Maharaj then asked "Sanaksujat Rishi has spoken to Dhritarakshtra in the Udyoga-parva of Mahabharat, that one who desire to transgrace Maya should discard the instincts of Pramad and Moha. Those devotees of God who offer worship to God but are hot particularly keen- id discard these two instincts and/rely merely on the greatness of God, who thby believe would definitely redeem them inspite of these instincts, how do they enjoy the bliss of God during their state-of embodiment and in the state of their disembodiment i.e. release ?"

Swayamprakashanand Swami said in reply, "One who is a true devotee of God and has known the greatness of God need not necessarily be worried to root out these two instincts." Whereupon Shriji Maharaj asked further, "To what extent is a devotee who remains conscious to eradicate these two instincts stands to gain and the other who does not possess such clarity stands to lose ?" Swayamprakashanand Swami replied, "One who absolutely relies upon God's grace and not upon his spiritual endeavours is always the greater one." Then-Shriji Maharaj asked, "You pronounce the greatness of a devotee who has not realised the dangers of these two instincts which are his enimies. Just as a woman who is absolutely faithful to her husband and with sense of consciousness to preserve her fidelity, does not indulge rv any amorous talks with other man, similarly, a devotee who remains conscious to eradicate these two instincts in order to preserve his fide lity towards God, is according to your judgement, lower in status than; one who ignores the dangers of these two instincts, which will ultimately break the bondage of fidelity and cause his spiritual regress. How do you reconcile this, even thought one, who, in a state of unawareness to the dangers of these two instincts, offers worship to God, is sure to beat retreat some day ? An intoxicating drink, When it is taken by a non-devotee or a devotee, is sure to have its effect on the body similarly these two instincts, if not fully discarded, will cost a denigrating influence upon the devotee. However, if a devotee is conscious enough to eradicate them, Gods grace will help him in his efforts, whichis a special favour done to him, whereas a non-devotee is not favoured by such divine grace. Therefore, a devotee who, is aware of the working of these two instincts within him and and endeavours to uproot them is greater than the other who simply relies upon God's greatness and remains negligent to the dangers of these vicious instincts.

Again Shriji Maharaj asked, "Of how many elements is the gross body composed and of how many elements is the subtle body composed ? Are these elements equal in both the bodies or not ?" Swayamprakashanand Swami tried to reply but could not do so, satisfactorily. Then the Muni's, requesting Maharaj said, "Oh Maharaj ! You may -please reply this question." Then Shriji Maharaj said, "The gross body in composed of five elements, e.g.- earth, water, fire, wind and space. The subtle body is composed of nineteen elements, e.g.-the five cognitive organs, five conative organs, five Pranas and four Antahkarans. When the five elementsof the gross body and the nineteen elements of the subtle body remain concomitantly associated, the whole body would.then function. The empty cavities of the ears and eyes become active and function only when the particular elements of the subtle get assimilated with them. But mere empty cavities of the gross body cannot function. Therefore, the gross body is said to be composed of twenty-four Tattvas. Again, the five elements of the gross body have to be associated with the nineteen elements of the subtle body, which makes the subtle body of twenty-four Tattvas. The subtle body remains fully in concomitance with the gross body which becomes evident when sexual intercourse in dream results in the discharge of semon through the physical body. Therefore, the gross body is in absolute oneness with the waking state and dream state of the subtle body."

Then the Munis asked, "Oh Maharaj ! When the gross and subtle bodies have such oneness, do the actions performed through the subtle body have the same impact as the actions performed through the gross body or is there any difference ?" Shriji Maharaj said, "If the consciousness that I am the body persists in the subtle body, actions performed through the subtle body have the same impact as those performed in the gross body. It is said that the actions performed through the subtle body do not yield fruits but this is only to boost the spirit as the aspirant. And one who ais bereft of such ego consciousness, booth of gross and subtle bodies, is not bound by the actions performed through these two bodies, in as much as such a devotee behave with Atmic Bhav. Such a devotee as he is in a state of physical embodiment, experiences the fruits of his past actions, but in his Atmic state, he believes that he is not the enjoyer of the fruits but his body enjoys the fruits. One who has not attained this Atmic Bhav enjoy the fruits of the actions and feels the itches of the miseries and the thrills of pleasures. Since his Atma through ignorance, is fully identified with his body., at the time of death. The embodied Atma is overpowered by the devils of hell, whose fearfull appearence takes away his consciousn ess. These devils extract his soul from the body, who then assumes such body composed of four elements to undergo the miseries of hell. Whereas one who has overcome such ignorance and has attained the Atmic state is graced by God and his saints, who give him divine vision at the time of death. Under the overwhelming joy of such divine vision, he also loses consciousness, and leaves the body. He gets the new body of the divine elements in the divine abode and serves God.

Thus Ends Vachanamrit : Sarangpur - 14

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