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How to judge the control of mind ?


What is the cause behind withdrawl from the Panchvishvas ?

On the fifth day of the second fortnight of the month of Shravan of Samvat 1877, Swami Shi Sahajanandji Maharaj was seated in the Verandah facing north in the Durbar of Shri Jiva Khachar at Sarangpur. He was dressed in white clothes. Munis and the devotees from the different places were gathered before him.

Muktanand Swami then asked Shiji Maharaj, The one who has conquered his mind has conquered the world. How and when the mind be said to have been conquered?" Shiji Maharaj replied, "When cognitive organs withdraw from five sense objects sound, touch form taste and smell and do not retain the desire to enjoy them; they are said to have been controlled. And when the organs lose the desire to enjoy these sense - objects, the mind would recede and would not at all stretch towards the cognitive or connative organs. One who has thus implacably discarded the Panchvishays is said to have attained control over his mind. If however, there is slightest desire to enjoy the Panchvishayas, the mind can not be said to have been controlled, though apparently it may look like controlled.

Then, Muktanand Swami asked further, "Is it Vairagya or love towards God that drives out attachment from the Panchvishayas?" Shriji Maharaj replied, "Atmanishtha and knowledge of God in all his greatness and glory should be developed to drive out attachment for the Panchvishayas. - Atmanishtha makes one' aware of one's self as Atma, which is Chitswarup, pure, eternal and blissful, whereas the body is non - sentient, hellish, perishible and full of miseries. Knowledge of the Atma which is separate from the body, expels from the mind all desire to enjoy the Panchvishayas. with this realisation of the knowledge of one's own self as Atma, one should think of God manifesting himself in human form before one. He is the Lord of Golok, Vaikuntha, Shwetdeep and Brahmpur as also the Lord of millions of universes and-their demi-Gods like Brahma etc This Paramatma Shri Purushottam Bhae;wan resides in his Atma6 and has also become visible before him in human form. To him the blissfull Darshan of this Paramatma even for a second is more than all the happiness offered by the seductive sense - objects of millions of universes. The bliss that emanates from the smallest particle of his body, throws into total insignificance all the happiness put togather that is offered by the Panchvishayas from millions of macrocosms. The bliss from his Divine abode is so infinitely overwhelming that in comparison with it, the happiness offered by the Lokas of the demi Gods is described in Mbkshadharma" as utterly infernal. Why should I leave aside such supreme Lord, who has come to me in human form and desire for sensual pleasures which, are nothing but hollows of hell. Pleasures of Vishayas end up in miseries. Such knowledge of the greatness and glory of God in human form generate Vairagya which disples all Vasanas. Like this, the knowledge of self and supreme generates Vairagya and Such Vairagya removes Vasanas. One. who has thus .discarded the enjoyment, of the Panchvishayas has controlled his mind and never looks back to Panchavishayas. But without such understanding even if a devotee exhibits profound love for God, he is likely to be dragged towards the Panchvishayas whenever such opportunity offered to him, and he will then recede from God and will become attached to body and bodily relations like sons etc or when he is overcome by physical pain or a chronic disease or is deprived of his physical comforts for want of such knowledge, his super fluous love for God would fade away and will fall from the path of spiritual progress. Their Bhakti is like a puppy who looks cute and cuddly in it's early days, but ugly when he becomes a grown up pariah of a dog, in later part sililarly the Bhakti of such people may appear good at first but does not appear good at the cuddly.

Thus Ends Vachanamrit : Sarangpur - 1.

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