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Vachanamrut in english published by Shree Swaminarayan Temple, Kalupur, Ahmedabad

Please click link below for each of the discourses from the Sarangpur chapter.
** If the link is not available on the discourse, the text is still under proof reading and will be available soon.

1. About attaining the control over mind.
2. Development of love for God.
3. Shravan, Manan Nididhyasan and Sakshatkar.
4. Distinction between Atma and Parmatma.
5. The way to eradicate Vasana.
6. Description of the three states of body and four types of speech.
7. What is Manomay Chakra.
8. The instinct of envy
9. How Yugadharma prevails?
10. God and his abode are not away from enlightened Sadhu seated within his Jiva.
11. Hanuman endevour and the grace of God
12. A Sadhu must possess three fundamental attributes
13. Knowledge of God should be obtained from the scriptures
14. The instincts of Pramad and Moha
15. Atmanishtha and Vairagya : a must for a devotee
16. Lord Narnarayan performs Tapas for his devotees
17. Upasana and Mokta.
18. About salty land and wicked nature

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