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Vachanamrut in english published by Shree Swaminarayan Temple, Kalupur, Ahmedabad

Please click link below for each of the discourses from the Sarangpur chapter.
** If the link is not available on the discourse, the text is still under proof reading and will be available soon.

1. Knowledge of God through Buddhi
2. Cursed Buddhi can be redeemed by austere Tapas.
3. To become a real Sadhu one can under go physical austerities and can eradicate his baser instincts.
4. Jiva, Buddhi and Sakshi-Paramatma.
5. Why God takes incarnations on earth.
6. The instinct of Matsar.
7. Vairagya and Atyantik Kalyan.
8. Two phases in God's form : Sagun and Nirgun.
9. A Sadhu should not possess irresponsible anger.
10. Tapas is for the grace of God.
11. God always remains closer to a loving devotee.
12. Meditational worship and obedience to the will of God destroy the causual body.

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