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How to develop love for God ?


Causes of failure in developing such love for God. The impact of a Saint on unfavourable place time & action.

On the fourteenth day of the first fortnight of the month of Falgun of Samvat 1876 Shriji Maharaj was seated on the cot in the verandah facing west near the temple of Shri Vasudev narayan in the Durbar of Shri Dada Khachar at Gadhada. He had worn a white side cloth abouit his neck and had covered his body with a white cotton shawl. He had tied a white piece of cloth with a silver border on his head like a thin turban. There was sandal wood paste on his forehead. Saints and the followers from the diffetent places were assembled before him.

Then Shriji Maharaj said, Begin with. question answers. Then Muktanand swami asked, "Oh Maharaj ! How would a devotee develop profuse love for God ?" Shriji Maharaj replying to the question, said, "A devotee should have an indomitable faith that this divine God appearing before him in human form is God himself and with such a gnostic conscousness, he knows him as the Lord of Brahman Mohol, and also millions of macrocosms, Goloka, Shwetadwipa etcetera, possessing all divine powers and lordship, and as the only telelogical architect. He should not attribute any doershirp to Purush, Kala, Karma, Maya , the three Gunas, twenty four Tattvas, demi gods like Brahma etectera but to Purushottam Bhagwan and who manifests before him in human form and should know him as the only Antaryami. The knowledge which inspires in him such a divine understanding of the powers in him such a divine understanding of the powers and doreship of the human God generaters in him that fountain of love for God which flows unhampered."

Again Milktanand Swami asked: ·A devotee has such knowledge of the divine form of God aad his infinite powers, and yet it seems he has not developed such a proound love for God. What can be the reason for that ?

Shriji Maharaj relied, "Such a devotee does bear a profound love for God but he has not realised the potency of this love. Hanumanji was blessed with immense powers out the inorance of this knowledge made him perplecked to fly over and cross the ocean. It was only when a divine voice revealed his strength that he should perform the feat. Similarly the demon Pralamba; took upon his back Balaram who incarnated himself on the earth with a special mission to destroy the demon but becoming obvious of his invincible powers, Balaram became helpless before the mighty strength of this demon. When his powers were revealed to him by a divine voice he threw down the demon Pralamba and killed him. As such a devotee with such knowledge of the divine form of God, does bear an unparalleled love for God but the poteney of such loye is not realised by him, unless it is revealed to him by others.

Again Mukatanand swami asked, "How would a devotee realise that he bears such potential love for God?. Replying to question Shriji Maharaj said, "The contact of a brahmnised saint and hearing of the scriptures would reveal the potential powers of his love for God.

On that Mukatanand swami asked further, "which is the governing factor the contact of brahmnised saint or any other which creats either an adverse or a beneficent effect on such temporal factors like place and actions ? Shriji Maharaj said, "The Ubiquity of place and time is felt commonly every where. But the divinity of Brahmnised saint would drive away the malicious influence due to which the place, time and action are adversely affected. In the same way, the devilish persons if they abound in places where goodness prevails cast their lurid effect and convert the prevailing beneficient effects in to malicious ecffects. Therefore the beneficent or malicious effects prevaii owing to the predominance of the divinity or devilishness of a person. If divinity prevails or pretomimates, the place, time and action would become beneficent and prevail everywhere. The lesser the divinity, the lesser its influence. Therefore, it is the influence of a person only which works for the prevalance of such effects uopn place time and action.

Thus Ends Vachanamrit : Gadhada First - 59.

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