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Attributes of mind.


How to control mind during devotional practice?

On the first day of the second fortnight of the month of Paush of Samvat 1876, Swami Shri Sahajanandji Maharaj was seated in the evening on a cot in the corridor of the room adjoining the temple of Shri Vasudev Narayan in the Durbar Gadh of Shri Dada Khachar at Gadhada. He had put on a white dress and a white turban. He had covered his body with a white cotton shawl. White flower garlands were garlanded to him. Nosegays of white flowers were suspended from his turban. White garlands were placed about the ears and wrists. Saints and the devotees from the various places were gathered before him. saints were chanting and singing devotional songs.

Then Shriji Maharaj said, 'Now begin with thb question answers'. Where upon Shri Dinanath Bhatt asked, "Oh Maharaj! At times the innumberable thoughts which surge forth the mind pass away unnoticed and at times they create a poignant revulsion. What can be cause of such wantonous displayed by the mind? And how can the mind be cleansed of such thoughts and be fixed on God?"

Answering to this Shriji Maharaj said, "The thoughts that surge forth in the mind are due to the influence of Gunas. When the mind is under the influence of Tamas and experiences stone consciousness one loses the faculty io cognise the nature of thoughts or rather thoughts themselves, whereas when the sattva Guna predominates, awakened consciousness prevails which dispels all undesirable thoughts. And Rajas, When prevails, consciousness turns opeque and undesirable thoughts carry their impact straight into the heart. Therefore it is the Rajas which inflences the mind. With irretrievable wantonness. They would always watch the predoninance of the Guna prevalent in their mind. The subtle thoughts which usually surge out momentarily are absolutely imperceptible. But the wise like you can perceive the predominance of such thoughts which persistently surge forth and create disturbances or make an indelible effect on the mind. One therefore should always observe the nature of the mind to retrieve the mind from such consulsive effects. One should attend spiritual talks in this satsang and should engage one's mind upon thinking of such talks, which process will relieve him of the influence of Gunas and will create a condition of 'no-mind' suitable for the worsbip of God. Satsang Which involves the contact of satpurush, listening to scriptural talks at his lotus feet and the meditational worship of God is the only powerful Sadhana to eradicate the influence of Gunas and the resurgance of baneful thoughts arising from such influence. One, therefore, should persistantly take to Satsang to reclaim ones mind from influence of Rajas as it is the only sadhana widely proclaimed by the scriptures for the attachment of the mind to God.

Thus Ends Vachanamrit : Gadhada First - 30.

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